About RDD Photos

Get To Know The Artist

I’m a freelance Photographer and Graphic Designer specializing in Fashion/Glamour, Cars, and Events. I’m Indiana born but raised in the DFW, Texas area. 2001 is when I started my venture in photography by capturing cars moving at 160 mph on pro drag strips, covering top car shows, and photographing beautiful models. Now, photography is my passion. I have had the chance to work with many models over the years and have had my work published in magazines and on websites. Shooting models, cars, and street photography is some of my favorites. 

With the gained experience, I am taking every new shoot to another level. I like to have fun during my shoots to keep them interesting and unique. With my art background, I keep my work flow in house by editing my own work. I think photography is one thing but I also think branding is most important. If you need a cool creative photographer, contact me today!