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About Me

Rashard Dabney is a freelance photographer, Indiana born but raised in the DFW, Texas area. 2001 is when I started my venture in photography by capturing cars moving at 160 mph to beautiful models. Now, photography is my passion. I have had the chance to shoot at many racing events, work with a ton of models, and have had work published in magazines and on websites. With the gained experience, I am taking every new shoot to another level. I love shooting cars, motorsports, models, fashion, and creative stock photography that a client can use to tell a story or help build their brand. I am looking forward to working with many clients that love to create art in the industry.
I have great artistic ideas that I think are ahead of the the curve as well. With the skills that I have learned, it has allowed me to excel in graphic design and marketing which sets me apart from many other photographers.

If you are an art director, small business owner, or the person in charge of marketing and need product and/or stock photos for your project, feel free to contact me. My work is posted on many stock agency sites under RDD Photos and you can contact me directly for a request. If you are located in Dallas/ Fort Worth, why look any further?

My Skills


Photography is life.

Editor/ Graphic Design

I edit my work and learn something everyday.


From drawing, painting, to photography, I love to create.


The force is strong.

If you have any questions and/or would like to book me for your project, click >>>.